Blackjack 21 Table

Learn Super Fun 21 With Joe Bochynski

While I mostly played blackjack throughout my career, I tried several versions of the game (or maybe even all of them). Blackjack was always my favorite, I don’t know why. Perhaps because I remember playing it with my dad when I was a kid. But ever since I started doing it professionally, I had to try other variations. 

Super Fun 21 is another card game based on Twenty-One, which is an ancient game with rules that are rather similar to today’s blackjack. However, when it comes to Super Fun 21, there are several differences.


Card Value in Blackjack 21 (J-K)

The basic rules of the game might sound familiar. The player needs to reach twenty-one without going over it or busting. If they manage to do this, they win. However, if they go over the line, they will lose. The game is played against the dealer instead of against other players at the table. 

When it comes to the value of each card, they are the same as in blackjack, meaning that an ace can be both one and eleven, and that face cards count as ten. Furthermore, all of the cards between two and nine will count for their face value. Now, here is where the differences end. 

Card Value in Blackjack 21 (1-10)

Probably the main difference is that in this game, the player will automatically win if they get six or more cards with a total of twenty. What is interesting is that this rule will apply even if the dealer already has a twenty-one combination. While in blackjack casino may or may not allow splitting, in Super Fun 21, you will be able to split whenever you want and up to four times. Furthermore, the player will auto double their bet if their hand consists of five or more cards with a total of twenty-one. Besides, the player can opt to double down at any stage of the game and regardless of the number of cards already placed on the table. 

However, since there are so many things dedicated to providing a certain edge for players, there is one negative thing in comparison to blackjack. While in blackjack the natural is paid three to two, in Super Fun 21 it’s only six to five. 

Another interesting addition to the game is that there is a side bet. While you are not required to play, you can always try your luck. However, this side bet is only available in the first round or if the deck was shuffled. This side bet allows you to bet on getting a specific suite blackjack. You can bet on any of the four suits, and if you guess right and the blackjack is in the same suit, you will win an incredible three-hundred to one reward. Furthermore, there are casinos that will offer this bet only if you get blackjack in diamonds. 

It is worth mentioning that the house edge for this side bet is rather high at 9.2% (there is 0.3% chance that you’ll hit diamond blackjack), and some online casinos even removed this option due to lack of interest from the players. 

It is worth mentioning that the player’s blackjack will always win, and that is stronger than the dealer’s blackjack. Furthermore, there is a surrender option and even late surrender at any point of the game. The player can opt to surrender after doubling down which will force them to lose half of their bet. This action is also known as a double down rescue. 

Super Fun 21

The basic strategies are similar to ones used in blackjack, and you should hit if you have anything between four and eight, and double on almost any nine, and on all tens and elevens. Depending on the dealer’s hand, you will either hit or stand on the two-card sum over eleven. Strategies can change a bit depending on the number of decks used for the game. Besides, the tactic may also depend on the number of cards you already have. Unlike some versions of the blackjack game, the dealer will always hit soft 17.

The game is played using a standard deck, and there might be one, two, or six decks used to play Super Fun 21, and it can be found in most casinos in Las Vegas.