Joe Bochynski Explains Progressive Blackjack

If you love playing online casino games, you will love the fact that there are several different versions of blackjack available. There is one specific variation that I played for quite a while, and it’s called progressive blackjack. Casino gambling is only getting richer by the day, and there are so many casinos where you can test your skills.

While the rules of progressive blackjack games are quite similar to the rules of the regular game, there are slight differences when it comes to betting. The game is played against the dealer, and the goal of the game is to get closer to twenty-one without going over or busting. Usually, in a progressive game, you will have the same betting options and actions you can take as in any other casino. 

The main difference is that, when placing bets, you can place a small optional side bet in addition to the original bet. Thanks to this progressive betting system, the progressive jackpot will grow until someone wins it. Blackjack players usually have only standard three to two payout for hitting a natural, and this way, it is a nice addition to the prize pool. 

The side bet is usually small and no larger than $1. Furthermore, the side bet won’t have any influence on the outcome and won’t interfere with your chance to win a regular game. Most casinos will have a condition that you have to contribute to the prize pool by placing the side bet. Of course, there are casinos offering almost a mini-game in order to win the prize, while others will reward the jackpot randomly. For example, there are games where you will have to place the side bet and win at least one Ace to get the reward. In these games, having an Ace is paid $3, and the more Aces you have, the higher the reward is. The highest reward is for getting four suited Aces in one hand. 

Joe Bochynski Explains Progressive Blackjack

While this is possible, it’s not something that’s easily acquired even though the game is played with six decks. Depending on the game and software provider, you might find other types where the jackpot is awarded randomly. 

The reason for this addition to online blackjack tables is that the usual payout for the game is one to one, or in the best case scenario, three to two. While this is not something bad per se, it is required to play a bit longer before you can feel the benefit. However, not many players are willing to wait to see the long-run benefits, and this new type of game gives them something more rewarding since the jackpot can go over fifty-thousand. 

If it happens that the player manages to win this progressive jackpot either by getting a winning hand or card combination (or even randomly), the jackpot will reset. Naturally, the prize pool won’t revert to zero. There is always a lower limit to these jackpots, and the player will once again continue contributing with side bets we have mentioned. The progressive jackpot will continue to grow until someone wins it again, and so on.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the house edge for the progressive jackpot is significant, and the chances of winning one are rather small. However, the progressive jackpot is a separate bet and won’t have an influence on the regular game of twenty-one.

It is rather appealing, and I can understand why people are so attracted to this form of blackjack. You can try it at most online casinos and see if you have what it takes to win some real money.